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Optimizing Rail and Rolling Stock Monitoring

From the identification of third party intrusion and hostile activity on railway property to the detection of service-affecting rockfall events we enable railway owners and operators across the globe to improve the performance of their assets.

The railway environment is filled with many localized sensors, designed to monitor specific faults. These sensors are often very costly and complex to deploy over the entire network. Our fiber-optic sensing technology helps asset owners and operators balance their reliance on existing sensing solutions with the need for economical route-wide coverage by converting existing fiber optic cable into an array of intelligent sensors which enables them to monitor the entire route and gain accurate and current insight on the status of all their critical infrastructure.

Long Train Ride

Railway Solutions and Applications


Infrastructure Security

Prevention of trespassing, vandalism and theft is one of the most critical priorities for railway owners and operators. The OptaSense Railway Security Solution detects human activity around tracks and critical sites and identifies hostile activity such as cable theft. The railway security solution complements and increases the effectiveness of existing security measures such as CCTV, physical barriers, signage and security patrols.

Rockfall and Landslide Monitoring

Falling rocks and landslide events pose a substantial safety threat and cause significant problems for railways. The Sense Railway Rockfall and Landslide Solution accurately and reliably detects service affecting rockfall and landslide events and overcomes the operational limitations of alternative solutions such as slide fences.

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